The Cassidys  

Dan's interest in the Grand Canyon began in 1973 when he went on his first float trip down the Colorado River and a backpacking trip down the North Kaibab Trail.  Since then, Dan has taken numerous trips down the Colorado River (usually for 20+ days each), including 10 with the Grand Canyon Dories and one with Georgie Clark's Royal River Rats.  Dan started collecting Grand Canyon material in 1982, when he had to restrict his travels in order to take care of his ailing mother.  He continued with the River trips and backpacking trips after his mom moved into a nursing home; and then he met Diane. Diane began hiking and backpacking throughout Arizona's desert and high country in 1983.  After conquering the highest point in Arizona (Humphrey's Peak at 12,633 feet), Diane turned her attention to the Grand Canyon.  In 1987, Diane joined Dan on a 7-day hike on the Tanner and Beamer Trails, and then took a solo 7-day hike down the Bill Hall Trail to Tapeats Creek, then along the River to Deer Creek. Together, Dan and Diane have hiked most of the trails in the Canyon, and continue to make at least one backpacking trip into the Canyon each year.

The Business

After nearly 17 years as a specialist in books, documents, and ephemera related to the Grand Canyon, Colorado River, and Colorado Plateau, Dave Hellyer of Minnesota, at age 81 in 1995, sold the business to Dan and Diane Cassidy.  During those 17 years, Dave had published 9 catalogs and numerous addenda, and developed a fine reputation and mailing list. In his retirement, Dave and his daughter Glo, operated Bee Creek Books (out-of-print books, documents, ephemera relating to fishery, angling, surveys, Baja California, etc.).  In November 2001, we said good-bye to our dear friend, Dave Hellyer, as he departed on his new journey.  His grand-daughter is continuing to operate Bee Creek Books with all she's learned from her dad and mom.  

We have helped, and are helping, many Five Quail regulars build substantial libraries of River/Canyon/Plateau titles. Most of these are individual collectors, but many are well-known colleges or universities. We welcome you into this distinguished company.

If we don't have what you want, we will do our best to find any title for you. No extra charge for search services.

We always are looking to rebuild our stock from private collections and dealers. Please send us a description and quote. We enjoy hearing from you. ​

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