Ford, Mike - THE BOOKS OF THE GRAND CANYON, THE COLORADO RIVER, THE GREEN RIVER & THE COLORADO PLATEAU, 1953-2003, A Selective Bibliography. Fretwater Press, Arizona, 2003, 12mo., red wraps, 177pp., index. One of 400 copies. To mark the 50th anniversary of Farquhar’s 1953 bibliography, Mike Ford wrote “THE BOOKS OF THE COLORADO RIVER & THE GRAND CANYON, A Selective Bibliography." Ford has read nearly every book published in the 50 years since the Farquhar bibliography on those topics related to the Colorado Plateau and the rivers and canyons that dissect it. From this vast array of literature, Ford chose the most important and significant 225 works for this selective bibliography. Ford describes each selection, emphasizing its contribution to the literature of this remarkable province. A perfect companion to Farquhar’s bibliography, or a terrific contemporary work on its own. New. $16.95
Farquhar, Francis P. – THE BOOKS OF THE COLORADO RIVER & THE GRAND CANYON. A Selective Bibliography. Five Quail Books in cooperation with Fretwater Press, Arizona, 2003, 12mo., red wraps, 97pp., expanded index by Richard Quartaroli. One of 400 copies. With new endnotes and index. In 1953, Francis P. Farquhar published his bibliography of the 125 most important books on the Colorado River and Grand Canyon, detailing each chosen work’s significance in the history of the region. This title, long out of print and extremely rare, became the classic reference and guidebook to the literature of the Grand Canyon and Colorado River for those who wished to study the region or collect its significant works. This book is as important today as it was over 55 years ago. New. $16.95



The primary resources for significant works about the Grand Canyon, the Colorado River, the Green River and the Colorado Plateau are the Farquhar and Ford selective bibliographies. A MUST FOR ANY GRAND CANYON/COLORADO RIVER LIBRARY.

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